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RSJ inspection service offers Document verification service (TruDocx®) against regulatory / client-specific requirements. All the document verification-related services will be carried out under the Brand Name 'TruDocx®'.


Services Offered


Authenticity / validity confirmations

  • Authenticity / validity confirmations These checks are performed for documents such as licenses/ approvals / certificates that need to be submitted to regulatory authorities, tenders, buyers as an independent means of their credentials as opposed to self-attestation.
  • Verification is carried out against original documents as well as due diligence from multiple online and other sources.
  • An inspection / verification certificate is issued to the client together with certified copies of the documents, linked to the reasons for verification.

Verification for completeness of documents and information

  • Verification for completeness of documents and information These checks are performed on documents and information that need to be submitted to regulatory authorities, buyers, Importers, certification bodies etc against specified criteria such as applications for approvals that require information for further processing.
  • Verification is carried out to ensure that the requisite documents with complete information is available for submission.
  • This does not include evaluation of technical content of the information.

Validation of technical information applied against the requirements

  • Validation of technical information Validation checks are performed on information to be submitted for statutory approvals / certification as pre-evaluation of the information that will be technically evaluated by the authority for the purpose of approval / qualification as per specified criteria.
  • An evaluation report will be issued against the validation checks performed which will contain both qualitative as well as quantitative aspects.
  • NABCB Accredited Inspection Body.

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Document verification service is very good, fast and satisfactory
Excellent Professional Company, very prompt in their responses and special thanks to Poonam Laddha from RSJ.
Srimati Sengupta